Practical Strategies for Fundraising in Your Church

Most churches and ministries rely heavily on the tithes and offerings they receive each Sunday to operate on a monthly, and sometimes weekly, basis. In this article, I want to give you some fundraising ideas to help you increase your church’s financial support. And finally, I want to present you with a strategy that will help you free outdoor toys for 1 your church from relying solely on tithes and offerings. But first, let’s review why tax-exempt organizations need to be publicly supported.

Provide meals before and after the service for the comfort of the members. With the busy schedules families currently have, many churches offer meals before and after their services. These meals are usually provided as a member convenience at an affordable price. Because they are provided for the members’ convenience, the income from their sale is tax-free income for the church. However, please note that because members receive something in return (a meal) for the money they give/pay, they will not be able to claim that money as a charitable contribution.

Operate a bookstore or cafe before and after service. This is also admissible because the sale of these items as related to the purpose of the church’s tax exemption, and the service provided is for the benefit of church members.

Occasionally host a Christian concert or dinner, hosted by volunteer staff. Fundraising that generates revenue from ticket sales is excellent as long as these activities are not carried out regularly. 

When fundraising is not enough

A church could start a video recording or event planning business that transfers the profits, after all the company’s taxes and expenses have been paid, to its church through the shares it owns. Being the majority shareholder, the non-profit organization can control the operation of the organization. Remember that the company itself is responsible for meeting state and federal regulations related to for-profit corporations. The funds needed to move on

We have discussed a few key pieces to help you keep your ministry going and growing. A for-profit affiliate could be the strategic component your department needs to have a steady stream of income that eases financial stress and allows you to focus on what matters: meeting the needs of your members and the community at large.