At the start of autumn 2015, our fundraising campaign is taking off. Having already raised more than $ 680,000 for a final goal of 1.25 million, our committee had the agreement of the diocesan authorities to continue the major repair work.

The great Casavant organs of the Saint-Paul church in Bas-Caraquet.

Our heritage church in Gothic style was built between 1902 and 1908. Designed by the first Acadian architect Nazaire Dugas and replica of the old chapel of the Collège de Caraquet, this gem for our community contains several treasures, including 27 stained glass windows from the renowned French glazier Henri Perdriau. Also, our Casavant organ, acquired from the Abbey of St-Benoit du Lac in the 1990s, also makes us proud by making our majestic nave resonate during our Eucharistic ceremonies as well as during the numerous benefit shows.

In the process of obtaining provincial heritage site status, we have started the first work on the roof and plan to resume work on the exterior masonry in the spring of 2016. This work will be spread over the next 5 years.


To ensure that the amounts transmitted go to the right places, mailed donations can be sent directly to the parish of St-Paul de Bas-Caraquet or to the Isabelle sur Mer polyclinic. Your checks must be made out to St-Paul parish in Bas-Caraquet and must bear the words “major repairs” directly on the check or on the envelope. In this way, the amounts submitted will be deposited for the safeguarding committee and will be used exclusively for the repair of the church. Receipts will be available upon request.

For those who wish to support us, can also do it online, you just have to click below. The amounts will be sent directly to the safeguard committee. You may receive deductible receipts for these amounts.